Stimulus 21: Boum! by Charles Trenet

These graphs report per stimulus the time course of responses across the 24 listening sessions. Some report the general patterns of responses, other show how the listener’s responses changed over successive exposures

One distinctive response behaviour was the zygomaticus activity (smiling) in the second verse of this familiar chanson, reported in the third and fourth plots below. This is very common around 60s, where the corrugator (frowning muscles in the forehead) was also active in the resultant amused expression. The trumpet solo at the end was more simply pleasurable, without any brow activity.


Summary of the three surface Electromyography recordings, Corrugator, Zygomaticus, and Upper Trapezius, across listenings to Stimulus 1. Plots 1, 3,  and 5 layer the sessions, reporting normalised intensity of muscle activation by colour. Plots 2, 4, and 6 report activity levels on the proportion of listenings exceeding different thresholds of activation per half second.

These responses were collected to Boum! by Charles Trenet. The piece was very familiar to the listener, an old favourite.Finding the exact album source is difficult but the recording had been remastered. Below is either the same or a very similar recording.

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