Stimulus 14: Sinnerman (Rare recording) by Nina Simone

These graphs report per stimulus the time course of responses across the 24 listening sessions. Some report the general patterns of responses, other show how the listener’s responses changed over successive exposures


The continuous ratings of Felt Emotional Valence and Arousal, plotted three different ways. First as individual lines with the cross listening average, then layered per session with colour marking the scale values, and finally the activity-level times series reporting the proportion of listenings showing rating changes up or down per 2 s interval.

These responses were collected to Sinnerman by Nina Simone, from a rehearsal recording released on The Definitive Rarities Collection – 50 Classic Cuts. It includes a near interruption about a phone call (0:38) and directions deliverd in step with the music. It is substantially different from the more famous studio performances of the song in rhythmic qualities and acoustic conditions. This version was familiar to the listener but not studied.

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