Stimulus 23: Romance (Debussy) by Rachel Talitman and Luc Loubry

These graphs report the time course of responses to this bassoon and harp duet over 24 listening sessions. Some report the general patterns of responses, other show how the listener’s responses changed over successive exposures.

These respiration phase plots show a few moments of extraordinary alignment with the music as a few instances, for example 45 s in, and also characteristic elongated respiratory period with the end of the piece. These details are most obvious in the top most plot, reporting change in chest circumference for each listening, row by row.


Plots of respiratory phase alignment with the stimulus, along with statistical assessments of these coincidences.

These responses were collected to Romance (Debussy) by Rachel Talitman and Luc Loubry from the album The Golden Age of Harp and French bassoon. The piece was not particularly familiar to the listener who is a bassoonist. Unfortunately, no version of this very sweet duet is available online from artist linked sources.

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