Stimulus 22: Le rosier de trois couleurs de roses by Strada

These graphs report per stimulus the time course of responses across the 24 listening sessions. Some report the general patterns of responses, other show how the listener’s responses changed over successive exposures

One of the remarkable consistencies of responses shown in this piece is the timing of changes in heart rate, an indication of respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA) and deep engagement with the music. See the darkening strips in the rows of instantaneous heart rate (top plot) at 17s, 40s, 55s, and 78s.


Plots of Heart Rate and Respiration Rate measured during the 24 listenings. Plots 1 & 4: session by session, the estimated heart/respiration rate of the listener, reported in rows will colour marking rate. Plot 2 & 5: Proportions of sessions with heart/respiration rate exceeding various thresholds. Plot 3 & 6: Activity levels of heart/respiration rate increases, assessed for significant coincidence.

These responses were collected to Le rosier de trois couleurs de roses by Strada from the album Gadje. The piece was familiar to the listener.

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